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How to Check QLD Digital Licence App | A Detailed Guide

How to Check QLD Digital Licence App

In the digital age, Queensland is making strides with the introduction of the QLD Digital Licence, offering convenience and security for drivers and residents. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the QLD Digital Licence, including how to check and verify your licence using the app, its benefits, and security features.

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What is the QLD Digital Licence?

The QLD Digital Licence is an innovative app designed to store various forms of identification on your mobile device, including your driver’s licence, photo identification card/Adult Proof-of-Age card, and recreational marine licence. This digital solution is optional, meaning Queenslanders will continue to receive physical cards, but the digital version provides a convenient alternative for those who prefer to go digital.

How to Get the Digital Licence App

To get started with your QLD Digital Licence:

  • Download the App: The Digital Licence app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • iOS: Search for the Digital Licence app in the Apple App Store.
  • Android: Download the app from the Google Play Store, ensuring you use official links to avoid unsecured third-party stores.

Create a Queensland Digital Identity: After downloading the app, you’ll be prompted to create a Queensland Digital Identity and onboard with the app. This process involves verifying your identity and eligibility to use the app.

Digital Licence App Credentials

The app securely stores your:

  • Driver licence
  • Photo identification card/Adult Proof-of-Age card
  • Recreational marine licence

You can share these credentials securely when needed, such as entering age-restricted venues, collecting parcels, or verifying your identity for renting purposes.

Eligibility for the Digital Licence

To use the Digital Licence app, you must have:

  • A current, expired (less than 2 years ago), suspended, or cancelled driver licence (learner, provisional, or open)
  • A marine licence
  • A photo identification card/Adult Proof-of-age card

Additionally, your mobile device must run on the latest or one of the two previous versions of iOS or Android operating systems.

Security and Privacy of Your Information

The QLD Digital Licence prioritizes the security and privacy of your information. It undergoes rigorous cybersecurity and penetration testing to ensure data protection. Your information is encrypted during transmission and storage on your device, accessible only with a PIN set during onboarding.

Security Features: The app benefits from your phone’s security features, including biometrics like thumb or face scans, to provide an additional layer of security.

Privacy: You control what information you share and with whom, ensuring your personal details are safeguarded.

Compliance and Legislation

The QLD Digital Licence is developed in compliance with ISO18013-5, an international standard for mobile driver licences. This compliance ensures your digital licence is secure and recognized in jurisdictions that adhere to the same standard, potentially even overseas.

Travelling with Your Digital Licence

While the digital licence is a convenient option for local use, it’s important to note that not all places, especially overseas, may accept digital licences as valid ID. Always check with local authorities when travelling and consider carrying your physical licence as a backup.

Why Opt for a Digital Licence?

Choosing the QLD Digital Licence offers a seamless way to access and share your identification without the need for a physical card. It’s not just about driving; it’s a widely accepted form of ID for various transactions and interactions in daily life, providing a quick, convenient way to verify your identity.

Final Thoughts

The QLD Digital Licence app represents a significant step towards digital identification in Queensland. With its focus on security, privacy, and convenience, it offers a modern alternative to traditional physical ID cards. Whether you’re picking up a package, proving your age, or renting a car, the digital licence makes these processes easier and more secure.

Frequently Asked Questions about QLD Digital Licences App

Can you get a digital licence in QLD?

Yes, Queensland has introduced a digital licence option, allowing residents to store and display their driver’s licence information securely on their mobile devices. This digital version is available through the QLD Digital Licence App, providing a convenient alternative to the traditional physical licence card.

When will QLD get digital licences?

The digital licence system is already available in Queensland. Residents can download the QLD Digital Licence App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, sign up, and start using their digital licence. The rollout aims to include more features and additional types of licences and IDs over time.

Can you use an NSW digital licence in QLD?

Yes, you can use an NSW digital licence in Queensland for identification purposes. However, it’s important to note that while NSW’s digital licence is legally accepted for use in QLD, the acceptance of digital licences from other states may vary depending on the specific requirements of businesses or authorities in Queensland. Always have your physical licence available as a backup when travelling interstate.


How to get a digital licence in QLD?

To get a digital licence in Queensland, follow these steps:

  • Download the App: Search for the QLD Digital Licence App in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download it to your mobile device.
  • Create a Queensland Digital Identity: Once the app is installed, you’ll need to create a Queensland Digital Identity. This process involves verifying your identity to ensure the security of your digital licence.
  • Onboard with the App: After your identity is verified, follow the app’s instructions to onboard and add your driver’s licence (and other available credentials) to your digital wallet.


Is the QLD digital licence accepted everywhere?

The QLD digital licence is accepted in most places within Queensland where you need to show ID, such as pubs, clubs, and for interactions with police. However, it’s recommended to carry your physical licence, especially when travelling outside QLD or in situations where digital ID may not be accepted.

What do I do if my phone is dead or damaged?

If your phone is dead or damaged and you cannot access your digital licence, you may be required to present a physical licence. It’s a good idea to have your physical licence as a backup for such situations.

Are there any fees for the QLD digital licence?

Currently, there is no additional fee for opting in to use the digital licence in Queensland. However, standard driver’s licence fees still apply for the issuance and renewal of your licence.

Can I have both a digital and physical QLD licence?

Yes, even if you opt for a digital licence in Queensland, you will continue to receive a physical card. This ensures you can choose the most convenient option for identification in different situations.

What security measures are in place for the QLD digital licence?

The QLD digital licence app features several security measures, including encryption, PIN protection, and biometric security (such as fingerprint or facial recognition), to protect your information. Additionally, no personally identifiable information is stored or accessible outside of your device.

These FAQs aim to provide comprehensive information about the digital licence system in Queensland, ensuring residents are well-informed about the benefits, setup process, and considerations for using a digital licence.